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In 2017, a town in rural Kentucky was found buried in a landslide. All of the corpses had pounds of soil in their stomachs—as if they tried to eat their way out of the ground. The police investigation uncovered a diary among the bodies that suggests the town’s destruction was an orchestrated massacre. Unfortunately, every person who reads the diary goes insane.

Now the transcript of the diary is made available in book form so you can assist with the investigation of this 21st century American massacre. Specifically, the government requests your help tracking down the author of the diary—Richard Maltessouri. The prime murder suspect who has evaded capture.

Down the Well is the transcript of Mr. Maltessouri’s diary, along with lawyer Joseph Blackhurst’s notes from his trip to Kentucky to interview witnesses. Of course, neither Joseph or fellow attorney Sahar Ayubbi were prepared for the possibility of a supernatural explanation.

After reading the diary, please submit any evidence through the Contact page.

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